Long Weekending

We’ve just arrived home after a long weekend spent in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Instead of bring our own children, we brought two exchange students (both from France) and it was so much fun to take in the sights through their eyes. I’m a bit sad to have left, but it is always nice to return home.

We spent a day in Salem, the girls went shopping in Boston with Greyson while I relaxed at the Inn knitting and reading. All in all, it was a perfect trip. I desperately needed a few days away to not think about school. And I did give it barely a thought.  Now to keep that relaxed feeling going through June!

While in Marblehead I cast on a new pair of socks for me. These are the Will o’ the Wisp pattern from This Handmade Life. I love this pattern! While this photo isn’t quite as flattering as real life, the yarn is A Homespun House Christmas at Hogwarts colorway and it is beautiful. I have a hard time putting this project down.

We’ve been home now for about four hours, my lesson plans are done, laundry is washing, and I’m sitting down for some more knitting before dinner.


Maybe it ought to be week starting? It’s been a busy one in these parts with “just one more house project.”

Our very tan dining room got a shot of color when we relocated the living room rug. There is still a LOT of tan but it’s gett better.

We got a new table in the entry way. Hopefully it stays this uncluttered.  I won’t bet money on that.

A nice quiet evening knitting and watching the Olympics was in order. We then moved to watching the original Amityville Horror. I giggled through all of it while Greyson reminisced about how terrified he was watching this as a kid.

Sunday was painting day. We got rid of the turquoise accent wall in the guest room in favor of a beige pink and the upstairs bathroom was redone with pine green as agreed upon during a brother-sister WhatsApp conversation. Any I am not painting anything else in this house.

Now I’m eyeing Maia’s sweater and thinking that seems much more fun than lessons plans tonight. How was your weekend?

Déjà Vu

According to my Facebook feed, my former Catholic school was closed one year and 364 days before my current school was closed. Hmmm…am I bad luck? It’s been a quiet and mopey weekend for me while my husband and daughter are in Virginia. I’m not really in the mood for another week of school but here it is. Lesson plans are done so let’s focus on some more positive things, shall we?

I finished my mother’s Christmas socks. Really it’s sad that they took so long but I’m blaming moving right after Christmas. I used my go-to sock pattern: Susan B Anderson’s How I Make My Socks. I pondered, while knitting these, that maybe it was time to come up with my own pattern. They are just vanilla socks, after all, and since I usually alter the pattern in some way I might as well give my own pattern writing a go. Anyway, these were knit on US 1 needles using Kroy sock yarn.

I picked up Maia’s Coastal Pullover and spent some lovely time just knitting and watching knitting vlogs. The fact that no one is here meant no one complained about knitting shows. I do love this sweater but why on earth did I decide to knit an entire sweater of cables?!?

Aside from knitting, naps, and pity parties, I finally made it to see The Greatest Showman. It was just as wonderful as my children both told me it was. I was also double thrilled to learn that our local cinema had finished renovations and seats were now amazing recliners! Ah, such a feeling of pampering.

Winding Down 2017

Somehow we’ve created a tradition of Christmas puzzles – click on the image to find it

Can it be that 2017 is nearly over? It’s been quite the year for our family – my daughter made it to her teenage years, my son left for his sophomore year of high school in Germany, I had a nasty ankle break and surgery, we sold our house in a week (!), and are living in a sea of boxes getting ready to move next week.

My daughter rounded out 2017 if a host of awards from school. She works very hard in school and it shows – honors with distinction. When our small Catholic school closed two years ago, I worried how she would do in public school but she is blossoming.

Of course there has been ample knitting time. I didn’t quite get these socks finished in time for Christmas morning but I should have them done and in the hands of their recipient before we move. I hope.

This was truly the Christmas that created itself and I suppose that was a good thing for all of us with one person glaringly absent. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at a local restaurant where it seems a good deal of our neighbors had the same idea.

Santa arrived in time to deliver Christmas pajamas and we watched the very Christmasy movie – IT. We completely forgot to read A Visit from Saint Nicholas, as well, but we kept the tradition of waking up at the crack of dawn. I saw so many posts in Instagram of people waiting for their teenagers to wake up. We had no waiting except for Dad.

I would share the many, many boxes currently inhabiting my home but I think I will wait to show you the boxes waiting to be unpacked in the new house, instead.

Stay tuned…


Our view of Dead & Co, pre-show. Our VIP seats meant we had to walk backstage which would have been much more fun if I weren’t on crutches. Sadly, I didn’t have any celeb sightings.

Would you believe I didn’t take many pictures on Thanksgiving? I’m not sure if I was relaxing a bit too much or missing my oldest a bit too much. Either way, I don’t think we took more than one or two photos the entire day. It was a good day. Quiet and we were a bit sad to not have Addison with us, but it really was a nice day. I didn’t do any cooking this year – a first! I have to say I did miss it. I’m curious to see how our Thanksgiving menu changes once our world traveler comes home.

Good-bye horrible walking boot.

The day before Thanksgiving was my appointment with my surgeon at nine weeks post-op. I think I could also call it freedom day. I was given the green light to ditch the book and drive. I mean, I’m not to overdue it but…what a huge relief! I drove around our neighborhood Thanksgiving evening and again this morning to Mass. And no one is sorry to not be driving me to and from school tomorrow.

I am going to physical therapy twice week and working so hard to regain strength in my leg and foot. The exercises are getting much easier and I was able to return to my second floor classroom the Monday before Thanksgiving. I’m also using some scar salve on my incision sites twice a day – they are looking so much better and not nearly as angry as they did. One section has faded so much I’m hopeful that they won’t be as noticeable by summer.

All dressed up for Thanksgiving

Can you believe Advent begins on Sunday? I’m thrilled to get updates from my son on German Advent. I remember first finding Eva’s blog, Avelinux, around Christmas time several years ago and being captivated by her photos. I know Addison is taking lots of photos so I suppose if I don’t see them in 2017, I will in 2018.

Coming up this week ~

  • House inspections (we’re moving!)
  • Advent wreaths come out at home and at school
  • Christmas shopping wrap-up
  • Walker Stalker Con
  • Christmas knitting