Our view of Dead & Co, pre-show. Our VIP seats meant we had to walk backstage which would have been much more fun if I weren’t on crutches. Sadly, I didn’t have any celeb sightings.

Would you believe I didn’t take many pictures on Thanksgiving? I’m not sure if I was relaxing a bit too much or missing my oldest a bit too much. Either way, I don’t think we took more than one or two photos the entire day. It was a good day. Quiet and we were a bit sad to not have Addison with us, but it really was a nice day. I didn’t do any cooking this year – a first! I have to say I did miss it. I’m curious to see how our Thanksgiving menu changes once our world traveler comes home.

Good-bye horrible walking boot.

The day before Thanksgiving was my appointment with my surgeon at nine weeks post-op. I think I could also call it freedom day. I was given the green light to ditch the book and drive. I mean, I’m not to overdue it but…what a huge relief! I drove around our neighborhood Thanksgiving evening and again this morning to Mass. And no one is sorry to not be driving me to and from school tomorrow.

I am going to physical therapy twice week and working so hard to regain strength in my leg and foot. The exercises are getting much easier and I was able to return to my second floor classroom the Monday before Thanksgiving. I’m also using some scar salve on my incision sites twice a day – they are looking so much better and not nearly as angry as they did. One section has faded so much I’m hopeful that they won’t be as noticeable by summer.

All dressed up for Thanksgiving

Can you believe Advent begins on Sunday? I’m thrilled to get updates from my son on German Advent. I remember first finding Eva’s blog, Avelinux, around Christmas time several years ago and being captivated by her photos. I know Addison is taking lots of photos so I suppose if I don’t see them in 2017, I will in 2018.

Coming up this week ~

  • House inspections (we’re moving!)
  • Advent wreaths come out at home and at school
  • Christmas shopping wrap-up
  • Walker Stalker Con
  • Christmas knitting


I checked the calendar and it has been nearly a month since I broke my ankle. And it’s been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. Now that I’m back at school, I’m trying to push myself out of bed more often. During the school week, so far, I’ve been so worn out that I hobble back to bed but last Friday I went upstairs and stayed there until Sunday night. Greyson wanted to sleep in and I figured he’d be better off with me upstairs where I could easily make coffee for myself rather than relying on him (or Maia) to be awake.  I slept in Addison’s bed and got one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in at least three weeks so I suppose that was a good idea.

Greyson and I decided to catch up on House of Cards while Maia went to the mall with a friend. (How surreal is that show right now!?!) Sitting on the sofa watching TV was the perfect spot for me to cast on the second of my rainbow vanilla socks (still loving the Susan B Anderson sock method).

The knee walker I’m using at school is a huge help at home for self-sufficiency. It has a basket on it to stow things (like my travel coffee mug) so I can move around easily. I settled myself on the couch with the family and kept on knitting and catching up on vlogs on YouTube.  It’s kind of like being at knitting group.

I also got surprised by a mystery box of yarn. Greyson thought I’d order “more yarn.” I was pretty sure I didn’t order a box of yarn, no matter how much medication I’ve been on. But after a little detective work, we found that friends had ordered it as a get well gift ~ yarn mail is the best mail!

So after a second evening of House of Cards, Sunday meant a turned heel and gusset stitches, a movie at the theater, and dinner out. Kind of a lot thrown into one day for me, but it was so good to get out of the house!


Is anyone there? I go through frequent moments of resurrecting and then abandoning this space. My last post was a day after I broke my ankle, when pain was nearly unbearable. I am now 10 days post-op and about to go back to school. And I’m not at all ready. It’s a story for another day. Like, after the school year. When that day may arrive is anyone’s guess.

So surgery was done on the Thursday after I broke shattered my ankle. I’m now part steel plate and eight screws. After a week of a terribly comfortable wrap, I’m in a walking boot. That walking boot is deceptive because I can’t walk. Until November. And my boot is going to be part of my wardrobe until Christmas.

My ankle looks like this at the moment, both inside and out (warning, if you gag easily) ~

I did get some knitting done. To be honest, several days were spent in a drug-induced fog because of the pain. So I watched a LOT of knitting video podcasts which I will link to on the side menu.

I finished my Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry. I think it may be the largest product I’ve undertaken and completed. There was a sweater for Greyson that I worked on during grad school but that has long since been made into other things. I need to block it but haven’t been able to think of a convenient way to do it with my current limited mobility. Hopefully my husband and daughter can help me crack it.

Now I’m working on a soft and cuddly blanket for a soon to be born boy. There are a lot of boys about to be born in my little bit of the universe. There isn’t a pattern for this – just 94 stitches cast on with five garter stitches on each side and a 3×3 basketweave. I’m knitting until I run out of yarn. I’ve spent days in bed staring at my yarn stash and am looking forward to knitting it down. I have plans of filling suitcases with European yarn while we’re in Germany.

I’m over on Instagram a lot – Facebook less so since the 2016 elections. And, of course, Ravelry and Goodreads. My name on those spots is knittingnutmeg.

Have a lovely week, all!


Finding time to sit at a keyboard is a rare occurrence but here I am…at 11:41 pm. C’est la vie.

I would show you photos of our weekend – Inwas honored to sponsor my daughter for her Confirmation; we had friends over for some wine by the firepit; I have several more rows on my Find Your Fade shawl. But let’s be real, here, because finding time to sit still and post anything is thanks to this ~

We had a Peapod delivery early yesterday morning and as I went to hold the door open for the delivery person, I got tripped up on our flip-flop doormat while  in Maia’s flip-flops and went down. When I look down at my ankle I noticed there was a big bulge in my foot was turned off to the side in an odd way which, of course, meant a broken ankle.  Eventually, I made it to the hospital via ambulance I had to have my ankle reset. Let’s just say that I broke it really really well because I need to have surgery. Hopefully that surgery will be tomorrow because I am in tremendous pain.

So I am out of work for at least a week, somewhat enjoying laying around on the couch, and looking forward to doing lots of knitting and reading. Luckily I did do that big Peapod order so there is plenty of food in the house if I can just convince people to do cooking instead of ordering in.

Slowing Down is Hard

It’s a time of year that is supposed to move slower. There aren’t as many commitments (school, work, etc) but for some reason I feel like every day is packed. It could be that we’re just savoring the nothingness so much that we’re filling it unconsciously before fall brings routine back into our lives.  What I do know is that eight days lie between me and school, and I feel like I haven’t even dipped my toes into summer.

Addison leaves for Germany in seven days. This is the week of list making, packing, more list making, probably some more shopping, packing and packing again. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for him and I hope (and know) that he will be pouring himself into life as a German teen as much as he can. He’s thrilled and nervous, and I am, too, although for all the mom reasons.

Our town’s Oyster Festival came and went. Originally it was two days. I don’t know how the volunteers and organizers pulled off two entire days. Our one day festival requires three twelve hour days for me and I think I have one of the least mentally taxing position on the committee. It all comes together despite my Type A panic and ends up being a great time (even if this year ended in a major migraine for me).

And now we’re at the last full week of August. My classroom isn’t even close to being ready so that’s on the agenda. And there are the family pictures I wanted before Addison leaves. And there’s also the exchange student who will be staying with us for a few days before joining her host family. And a party to plan and execute. And that packing.

So this week, despite the rush, needs a lot of s’mores and savoring. And gratitude that I realized with was rushing to an end before it had well and truly ended.

Tuesday Playlist

We are on the early boat to Nantucket and I’ve got many, many portable chargers ready to go for the two hour ferry ride and island day.  It’s going to be a busy day of beaches, dunes, meet-ups, and eating. My go to playlist is this super long, continuously evolving list of songs rediscovered via Sirius XM’s First Wave channel. Earbuds in, coffee in hand, and just relaxing on an early morning ferry.

Summer Reading

I think my summer book stack is getting a little large. And it doesn’t include the teaching-related books I have waiting to be ready before school begins in August! But since our Cape Cod trip is upon us, I thought I’d share what I’ve got pegged for fun reading. (Also, I just learned how to make blog collages and was looking for a reason to make one.)

Summer House / Flight of the Sparrow

The Rumor / The Guest Room 

The Beguiled / The Whale: A Love Story

Summer Playlist

It’s laundry and cleaning day here so I’m needing some extra motivation to keep going. What I really want to do is dive into my book (post coming tomorrow) or park myself down at the beach but I really, really have my work cut out for me around the house. My mind is totally focused on Cape Cod (and a trip to Nantucket!) so a little beach music is just what I need.

Wednesday WIP, Books, and a Playlist

I really miss those Yarn Alongs that included what we were all reading so I’m going to just try to keep it going here.  I’m always looking for a good books to add to my Goodreads queue so if you’ve read something you loved, leave comments or add me to your Friends on Goodreads.

I finished On the Rocks last week and LOVED it. It had a definite Elin Hildebrand vibe to it, transported to Newport instead of Nantucket. I love both spots so it worked for me either way.  I kept asking my husband if the guy’s character was accurate (read the book to find out) and he agreed it was.  I was sorry I finished it, truth be told.

I just finished reading Thirteen Reasons Why. It had been on my To Read list for a while after Leslie Ann had posted about it a while ago. My daughter watched the show on Netflix and loved it, too. Being the English major I am, I had to read the book before I watched the show. Actually, we all got an email from the Superintendent of Schools about the show and how some parents were concerned it romanticized suicide. I’m guessing they never read the book.  Not seeing much romanticizing going on.

So today’s fresh start read is Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown. I’m on page 4 of this Early American story set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony but I have a good feeling about it thus far. It centers on a Native American abduction of a colonist, real life Mary Rowlandson, and her adaptation to her life in captivity. My own ancestors were killed and/or abducted in the attack  on Fort Seybert in West Virginia (James Dyer is my 5th Great Grandfather) so it has an added bit of interest for me.  Hopefully it will be a good book.

Now onto my Wednesday WIP…I’m wrapping up the third color in my Find Your Fade Shawl (Ravelry page here).  I’m not sure how I feel about that first golden color, but I love the white pops further in.  It’s taking a very, very long time to do this even though it’s mostly garter stitch and a small amount of (easy) lacework.  I’m thinking of what I’m going to wear this with because the colors are a huge departure from my normal colors but I can’t wait to wrap up in it in the middle of a cold New England winter.

. . .

As promised, as I was walking the neighborhood with the dog this morning, I was listening to music and decided to make a playlist of summery/Fourth of July tunes. Warning: This is meant to satisfy the varied tastes of my family and our visiting exchange student. Hope you enjoy!

Menu Monday

I’m joining in at Organizing Junkie this week to keep myself on track with home cooking healthy meals. One thing I’ve noticed since I started regular exercise is that I am starving, which makes it much too easy to grab the wrong thing.

We also got our first CSA share last week so you’ll see a lack of vegetables listed. We’re eating them, but most of it is on the fly depending on what is in the box. This week’s share included bok choy, radishes, beets, kale, green lettuce (not iceberg), scallions, broccoli rabe, and strawberries. Our next pick up is Thursday so we’ll see what we get. 🙂

We’ve got a lot going on this week between a Rotary raffle, installation dinner, committee meeting, night out on the town, and our Rotary Youth Exchange visitor coming from Brazil to stay with us for the summer! Phew – that’s a lot for one week. Who said teachers rest during the summer?

Monday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Tuesday: dinner out/meeting for me

Wednesday: Beef Stew/dinner out

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken and Black Beans over mixed greens from the CSA (recipe here)

Friday: Homemade pizza (here is a great pizza “recipe” if you’re like me and watching what you eat)

Saturday: TBD

Sunday: BBQ Welcome Dinner