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    It’s been a quiet weekend so I thought I’d join Karen today. Sadly, it went much too fast. On Friday, my son was in Hartford at the State House with other kids who are participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange. He is the only out-bound student (meaning he is going abroad next year) from our […]

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  • Yarn Along :: February 22, 2017

    Well, this was meant to go up yesterday but I’ve been battling a migraine since going back to school.  I keep meaning to check if it’s a full moon!  Truly, though, the kids aren’t the cause of the migraine but their exuberance makes it difficult to cope at times. We had a long weekend for […]

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  • Weekend WIP

    I know, I know…the same sad sock. I added on the red for the toes so I have high hopes that this will be done tomorrow. I’ve made it a point to log in some devoted knitting time and it has paid off. I set my watch alarm for an hour and another half hour […]

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  • Box O Sox KAL

    My Instagram feed is filled with boxes of socks tagged with #boxosoxKAL so I had to investigate what this was. A box of 12 socks? I’m in! I immediately started imaginging family members opening boxes filled with socks! Well…let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My Giants/Hanukkah socks haven’t progressed much since knitting the other night. […]

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  • Newport at Christmas

    We had a busy weekend filled with lots of driving and walking  one thing on my Christmas Bucket List while Grey was in Nigeria was to see the Newport Mansions decorated for Christmas  I didn’t realized I’d planned this for the Newport Stroll so it was packed, but even a crowded day in Newport is […]

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  • Weekend

    It was a busy one! I’m sorry to see Monday arrive for a few reasons, but mostly because we haven’t had a lot of down time.  My husband and son headed into New York Saturday for Rotary Day at the United Nations, while my daughter and I filled the neverending shopping needs of public school […]

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  • I May Have Problem

    So my son has a great opportunity to spend the day at the United Nations but, we thought, he needed a photo ID. Naturally school IDs have not been given out yet (um, it’s November). We literally tore the house apart looking for his birth certificate which we did eventually find after we learned he didn’t […]