I checked the calendar and it has been nearly a month since I broke my ankle. And it’s been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. Now that I’m back at school, I’m trying to push myself out of bed more often. During the school week, so far, I’ve been so worn out that I hobble back to bed but last Friday I went upstairs and stayed there until Sunday night. Greyson wanted to sleep in and I figured he’d be better off with me upstairs where I could easily make coffee for myself rather than relying on him (or Maia) to be awake.  I slept in Addison’s bed and got one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in at least three weeks so I suppose that was a good idea.

Greyson and I decided to catch up on House of Cards while Maia went to the mall with a friend. (How surreal is that show right now!?!) Sitting on the sofa watching TV was the perfect spot for me to cast on the second of my rainbow vanilla socks (still loving the Susan B Anderson sock method).

The knee walker I’m using at school is a huge help at home for self-sufficiency. It has a basket on it to stow things (like my travel coffee mug) so I can move around easily. I settled myself on the couch with the family and kept on knitting and catching up on vlogs on YouTube.  It’s kind of like being at knitting group.

I also got surprised by a mystery box of yarn. Greyson thought I’d order “more yarn.” I was pretty sure I didn’t order a box of yarn, no matter how much medication I’ve been on. But after a little detective work, we found that friends had ordered it as a get well gift ~ yarn mail is the best mail!

So after a second evening of House of Cards, Sunday meant a turned heel and gusset stitches, a movie at the theater, and dinner out. Kind of a lot thrown into one day for me, but it was so good to get out of the house!


Is anyone there? I go through frequent moments of resurrecting and then abandoning this space. My last post was a day after I broke my ankle, when pain was nearly unbearable. I am now 10 days post-op and about to go back to school. And I’m not at all ready. It’s a story for another day. Like, after the school year. When that day may arrive is anyone’s guess.

So surgery was done on the Thursday after I broke shattered my ankle. I’m now part steel plate and eight screws. After a week of a terribly comfortable wrap, I’m in a walking boot. That walking boot is deceptive because I can’t walk. Until November. And my boot is going to be part of my wardrobe until Christmas.

My ankle looks like this at the moment, both inside and out (warning, if you gag easily) ~

I did get some knitting done. To be honest, several days were spent in a drug-induced fog because of the pain. So I watched a LOT of knitting video podcasts which I will link to on the side menu.

I finished my Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry. I think it may be the largest product I’ve undertaken and completed. There was a sweater for Greyson that I worked on during grad school but that has long since been made into other things. I need to block it but haven’t been able to think of a convenient way to do it with my current limited mobility. Hopefully my husband and daughter can help me crack it.

Now I’m working on a soft and cuddly blanket for a soon to be born boy. There are a lot of boys about to be born in my little bit of the universe. There isn’t a pattern for this – just 94 stitches cast on with five garter stitches on each side and a 3×3 basketweave. I’m knitting until I run out of yarn. I’ve spent days in bed staring at my yarn stash and am looking forward to knitting it down. I have plans of filling suitcases with European yarn while we’re in Germany.

I’m over on Instagram a lot – Facebook less so since the 2016 elections. And, of course, Ravelry and Goodreads. My name on those spots is knittingnutmeg.

Have a lovely week, all!

Slowing Down is Hard

It’s a time of year that is supposed to move slower. There aren’t as many commitments (school, work, etc) but for some reason I feel like every day is packed. It could be that we’re just savoring the nothingness so much that we’re filling it unconsciously before fall brings routine back into our lives.  What I do know is that eight days lie between me and school, and I feel like I haven’t even dipped my toes into summer.

Addison leaves for Germany in seven days. This is the week of list making, packing, more list making, probably some more shopping, packing and packing again. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for him and I hope (and know) that he will be pouring himself into life as a German teen as much as he can. He’s thrilled and nervous, and I am, too, although for all the mom reasons.

Our town’s Oyster Festival came and went. Originally it was two days. I don’t know how the volunteers and organizers pulled off two entire days. Our one day festival requires three twelve hour days for me and I think I have one of the least mentally taxing position on the committee. It all comes together despite my Type A panic and ends up being a great time (even if this year ended in a major migraine for me).

And now we’re at the last full week of August. My classroom isn’t even close to being ready so that’s on the agenda. And there are the family pictures I wanted before Addison leaves. And there’s also the exchange student who will be staying with us for a few days before joining her host family. And a party to plan and execute. And that packing.

So this week, despite the rush, needs a lot of s’mores and savoring. And gratitude that I realized with was rushing to an end before it had well and truly ended.

Wednesday WIP, Books, and a Playlist

I really miss those Yarn Alongs that included what we were all reading so I’m going to just try to keep it going here.  I’m always looking for a good books to add to my Goodreads queue so if you’ve read something you loved, leave comments or add me to your Friends on Goodreads.

I finished On the Rocks last week and LOVED it. It had a definite Elin Hildebrand vibe to it, transported to Newport instead of Nantucket. I love both spots so it worked for me either way.  I kept asking my husband if the guy’s character was accurate (read the book to find out) and he agreed it was.  I was sorry I finished it, truth be told.

I just finished reading Thirteen Reasons Why. It had been on my To Read list for a while after Leslie Ann had posted about it a while ago. My daughter watched the show on Netflix and loved it, too. Being the English major I am, I had to read the book before I watched the show. Actually, we all got an email from the Superintendent of Schools about the show and how some parents were concerned it romanticized suicide. I’m guessing they never read the book.  Not seeing much romanticizing going on.

So today’s fresh start read is Flight of the Sparrow by Amy Belding Brown. I’m on page 4 of this Early American story set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony but I have a good feeling about it thus far. It centers on a Native American abduction of a colonist, real life Mary Rowlandson, and her adaptation to her life in captivity. My own ancestors were killed and/or abducted in the attack  on Fort Seybert in West Virginia (James Dyer is my 5th Great Grandfather) so it has an added bit of interest for me.  Hopefully it will be a good book.

Now onto my Wednesday WIP…I’m wrapping up the third color in my Find Your Fade Shawl (Ravelry page here).  I’m not sure how I feel about that first golden color, but I love the white pops further in.  It’s taking a very, very long time to do this even though it’s mostly garter stitch and a small amount of (easy) lacework.  I’m thinking of what I’m going to wear this with because the colors are a huge departure from my normal colors but I can’t wait to wrap up in it in the middle of a cold New England winter.

. . .

As promised, as I was walking the neighborhood with the dog this morning, I was listening to music and decided to make a playlist of summery/Fourth of July tunes. Warning: This is meant to satisfy the varied tastes of my family and our visiting exchange student. Hope you enjoy!



It’s been a quiet weekend so I thought I’d join Karen today. Sadly, it went much too fast. On Friday, my son was in Hartford at the State House with other kids who are participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange. He is the only out-bound student (meaning he is going abroad next year) from our district so he has been able to spend a lot of time with the in-bound kids spending their school year in the U.S. He’s been able to forge friendships with kids from Italy, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Taiwan, and Thailand. After their trip, I joined them for dinner and the Harlem Globetrotters in Bridgeport while my husband took our daughter and a friend to the middle school dance.


Saturday was just a lot of running around trying to get things done and so nothing terribly exciting. We did go out to dinner at a new-to-us restaurant in Milford, Connecticut. The food was delicious and they have my favorite meal of cavatelli, sausage and broccoli rabe. I kept half of it for lunch on Monday because it was just too much to eat all at once. We have only a couple of substitute teachers at school so, on days like Thursday and Friday, we often help with lunch periods.


Often, we only find out right before lunch so it makes having a hot lunch difficult so I ordered a small crockpot for lunches. When it became clear we may be doing a few lunch periods, I thought it was time because I’d been looking at this for months. So tomorrow my leftovers are going in this to warm up all morning. My level teachers and I take turns for lunch periods and I had Friday but just in case…


As I was wrapping up the Giants socks, I started thinking about wrapping and/or packaging. After being my somewhat constant companions for so long, I thought these socks needed a little extra touch. I found this printable sheet of labels on Pinterest so I could quickly write the care instructions for handknit socks since they are going to a single guy.


I am back to having only one project going, although I think I may need to throw in another pair of socks for myself.  I haven’t really gotten much work done (meaning, none) on those socks I’d planned knitting this year. I really do love knitting socks, even if I do complain much more than I should.


For now I’m concentrating on my sugar swirls blanket for a soon to be born baby girl. I’m hoping it will be an easy knit although right now I’ve done two rows of k3tog tbl and it’s been requiring all my focus. Oh, and I got a spiffy new project bag from madderroot, located up in Maine. Llamas and alpacas are kind of a big deal in my house.

My foot has been acting up, after a few days of a horrible migraine, so I’m taking this Sunday evening slow and just knitting and reading. Maybe doing some extra lesson planning after dinner.

How was your weekend?

Yarn Along :: February 22, 2017

Click on the image to see more at SmallThings
Click on the image to see more at SmallThings

Well, this was meant to go up yesterday but I’ve been battling a migraine since going back to school.  I keep meaning to check if it’s a full moon!  Truly, though, the kids aren’t the cause of the migraine but their exuberance makes it difficult to cope at times.


We had a long weekend for President’s Day and headed up the coast to Marblehead for a few days.  I have a lot of pictures I will get to eventually, but it was a lovely weekend exploring, knitting, and reading. A notice of Philippa Gregory’s new-ish novel popped up in my Facebook feed and when I went to download it to my Kindle, I found a book just before it in the Cousins’ series. The King’s Curse tells the story of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, and I knew I’d just have to read this before moving on to Three Sisters, Three Queens. I wasn’t disappointed and found myself reaching for the Kindle more than my knitting ~ gasp!


When we got home, my pre-order of A Piece of the World downloaded to my Kindle. I heard an interview with Christina Baker Kline on NPR last Thursday as I was driving home from school and got hooked. The novel is a fictionalized account of Anna Christina Olsen, the woman portrayed (although it is technically Wyeth’s wife) in the painting Christina’s World. There is such a mixture of old New England grit, a connection to my beloved Nathaniel Hawthorne, the history of Salem…it had everything going for it.  I’m now about 30% into it and I am not disappointed.

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth
Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

The knitting this week is focused on a Sugar Swirls baby blanket in Cascade 220 Fingering. It’s a nice break from knitting lots and lots of socks for the past year. I do have a rather large stash of sock yarn, though, so expect to see more socks here soon.  The photo above is reading very, very red but the yarn colors are a nice fawny tan, bubblegum pink, and deep magenta. Clearly it’s for a baby girl. 🙂



Yarn Along :: February 9, 2017

Click on the image to see more at SmallThings

Joining Ginny this week for Yarn Along. I’ve been posting more on Instagram lately. If I were to post only knitting here there would be few and far between going up because I seems to have lost most of my knitting speed.  I think the fact that I have books to go along with these posts is the only thing that save it because it really feels, to me, that I have same sock to show each week.

So true to form, it’s another red and blue sock. I had stopped to work on a baby blanket only to frog that after goofing up the first color change. So I decided to go back to the sock (no. 2!) and get that done. Yesterday was a sick day for me but I was too sick to even knit much. I’d hoped to knit 400 stitches because that seemed like such a massive number on a sock. In truth, it was six and a quarter rows. And I only made it through about 200 before I needed to lay down again.  Today is a snow day ~ our first here in Connecticut ~ and I’m determined to get down to the heel flap.

IMG_4216Pattern: Susan B Anderson’s How I Make My Socks (link here)
Yarns: Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red and Azule
Needles: Size 2 DPN

I just started this book, which I think is Young Adult fiction that I had purchased for Maia. So far it’s good although I’m only a few pages in. I needed a break from War & Peace which is definitely not going as quickly, easily, or as enjoyably as Anna Karenina did. I am gathering up every book I own that I never got around to reading and slowly making my way through all of them, then dedicating myself to only reading books from the library. I love books, the gathering and handling of them, but they quickly overrun our home.

Weekend WIP


I know, I know…the same sad sock. I added on the red for the toes so I have high hopes that this will be done tomorrow. I’ve made it a point to log in some devoted knitting time and it has paid off. I set my watch alarm for an hour and another half hour yesterday. It was a bit of a rough weekend with both myself and my husband sick with what I’m utterly convinced is strep throat. C’est la vie! <—–I’m revisiting my high school French while my son works on his German for his year abroad. My favorite phrase thus far is: “Le requin is eating a dolphin.” I cannot fathom a single instance where I will need to announce that the shark is eating a dolphin!

I will admit to getting a bit tired of this sock so I moved over to Maia’s sweater for a bit while we watched the Sherlock Season 4 finale (so stressful!). The cables in that, which I will share when it’s a bit further along, were much better at keeping my interest.


Box O Sox KAL

My Instagram feed is filled with boxes of socks tagged with #boxosoxKAL so I had to investigate what this was. A box of 12 socks? I’m in! I immediately started imaginging family members opening boxes filled with socks! Well…let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My Giants/Hanukkah socks haven’t progressed much since knitting the other night.

Well, as it turns out, this particular KAL began in January of 2016 so I missed out on that, but I just found the 2017 thread on the Yarngasm Podcast page on Ravelry! And, yes, I am STILL working on those Giants socks but I do have lots of socks planned for moi. You can click on each image to visit to pattern page on Ravelry.


Eternal Spring Socks by verybusymonkey
Eternal Spring Socks by verybusymonkey


Turkish Bed Socks by Chruchmouse Yarns and Teas
Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas


Elementary Watson Socks by Sherry Menton
Elementary Watson Socks by Sherry Menton


Rowan Moon Socks by Louise Tilbrook
Rowan Moon Socks by Louise Tilbrook


Cachoeira by Kristi Geraci
Cachoeira by Kristi Geraci


Rye by Tincan Knits
Rye by Tincan Knits


Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B Anderson
Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B Anderson


Petty Harbour by Reyna Curtis
Petty Harbour by Reyna Curtis


Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel
Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel


Amelie by Alana Dakos
Amelie by Alana Dakos


Gaudete by Stephanie van der Linden
Gaudete by Stephanie van der Linden


Lacunae by Anne Hanson
Lacunae by Anne Hanson

Phew! That’s a list. I’m going to have to ramp up my attempts at two at a time socks.  But how amazing to have a dozen hand knit socks for me! Most of my sock knitting is gifted.

Last Yarn Along of 2016

Click on the image to see more at SmallThings
Click on the image to see more at Ginny’s blog

I started my 2017 Resolutions early.  I am your classic introvert who would probably never leave the house if she could get away with that. Last week I joined two (yes, I said two) groups through meetup.com. One is a book club that I won’t be able to attend until the end of January because of our yearly trek to Madison Square Garden, but the other I managed to go to last night. I found a knitting group that meets at a local Starbucks every week. Apparently they were the other half of the gromp I used to be in that kind of fizzled and regroups…but I never quite made it to those meetings again.


If you have been following the saga of my New York Giants/Hanukkah socks on Instagram, you probably know that these have been working for a really long time. In fact I started them just before my house then went to Nigeria at the end of November. Being an elementary school teacher at Christmas time is not for the faint of heart and it took up most of  most of my mental energy.  Clearly these are not going to be given before Hanukkah is over, but I am trying my hardest to get them finished. When I went to the knitting group last night I was about a third of the way through the heel flap, and when I left I was working on the gusset. Go me!

These are tried-and-true socks from Susan B Anderson’s How I Make My Socks on her blog. The yarn is Malabrigo, which I love with all of my heart. Just kidding, but not quite.


My other goal, although not quite a resolution, is to read War and Peace over Christmas break. I’m on page 4 and we go back on January 2 so I probably am not going to make that goal. But I’m going to plug away at it because Anna Karenina turned out to be an amazing novel.  Let’s just hope that the group chooses an easy read for the January meeting.