Where is a Three Day Weekend When You Need One?

Truly, I believe that time passes nearly instantly from when I lock my classroom door on Friday and unlock it on Monday. I have another four day work week (yay!) so I am burning the nearly midnight oil working on lesson plans. Goodness it is much too much trouble to miss one measly day of school.  The countdown to summer, however, is most definitely ON.

This weekend was spent working around the house and working on school projects. Maia has a family tree due in Spanish so she’s been more interested than usual in my genealogy files. It’s given me a chance to sort through some old family photos which always makes me swoon.

Our kitchen is in the middle of a little rehab so meals have been at the whim of our contractor. There haven’t been major renovations…yet…but we’ve been updating some wall color, electrical wiring, etc. All of which means that the crockpot is retired, probably through the rest of the spring and summer, and best laid plans are disrupted.  Oh, and I’m a food rut. That being said, if all goes to plan, this is what’s on tap for this week’s menu:

Sunday – a break in the weather means steaks on the grill and baked potatoes

Monday – twice baked, crab stuffed potatoes (recipe here)

Tuesday – parmesan garlic spaghetti (recipe here)

Wednesday – honey dijon chicken breasts (recipe here)

Thursday – breakfast for dinner 🙂 {aka what will get cooked on whichever day my kitchen is a disaster}

Friday – out

Saturday – out