Finding time to sit at a keyboard is a rare occurrence but here I am…at 11:41 pm. C’est la vie.

I would show you photos of our weekend – Inwas honored to sponsor my daughter for her Confirmation; we had friends over for some wine by the firepit; I have several more rows on my Find Your Fade shawl. But let’s be real, here, because finding time to sit still and post anything is thanks to this ~

We had a Peapod delivery early yesterday morning and as I went to hold the door open for the delivery person, I got tripped up on our flip-flop doormat while ¬†in Maia’s flip-flops and went down. When I look down at my ankle I noticed there was a big bulge in my foot was turned off to the side in an odd way which, of course, meant a broken ankle. ¬†Eventually, I made it to the hospital via ambulance I had to have my ankle reset. Let’s just say that I broke it really really well because I need to have surgery. Hopefully that surgery will be tomorrow because I am in tremendous pain.

So I am out of work for at least a week, somewhat enjoying laying around on the couch, and looking forward to doing lots of knitting and reading. Luckily I did do that big Peapod order so there is plenty of food in the house if I can just convince people to do cooking instead of ordering in.