Weekend WIP


I know, I know…the same sad sock. I added on the red for the toes so I have high hopes that this will be done tomorrow. I’ve made it a point to log in some devoted knitting time and it has paid off. I set my watch alarm for an hour and another half hour yesterday. It was a bit of a rough weekend with both myself and my husband sick with what I’m utterly convinced is strep throat. C’est la vie! <—–I’m revisiting my high school French while my son works on his German for his year abroad. My favorite phrase thus far is: “Le requin is eating a dolphin.” I cannot fathom a single instance where I will need to announce that the shark is eating a dolphin!

I will admit to getting a bit tired of this sock so I moved over to Maia’s sweater for a bit while we watched the Sherlock Season 4 finale (so stressful!). The cables in that, which I will share when it’s a bit further along, were much better at keeping my interest.


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