Is anyone there? I go through frequent moments of resurrecting and then abandoning this space. My last post was a day after I broke my ankle, when pain was nearly unbearable. I am now 10 days post-op and about to go back to school. And I’m not at all ready. It’s a story for another day. Like, after the school year. When that day may arrive is anyone’s guess.

So surgery was done on the Thursday after I broke shattered my ankle. I’m now part steel plate and eight screws. After a week of a terribly comfortable wrap, I’m in a walking boot. That walking boot is deceptive because I can’t walk. Until November. And my boot is going to be part of my wardrobe until Christmas.

My ankle looks like this at the moment, both inside and out (warning, if you gag easily) ~

I did get some knitting done. To be honest, several days were spent in a drug-induced fog because of the pain. So I watched a LOT of knitting video podcasts which I will link to on the side menu.

I finished my Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry. I think it may be the largest product I’ve undertaken and completed. There was a sweater for Greyson that I worked on during grad school but that has long since been made into other things. I need to block it but haven’t been able to think of a convenient way to do it with my current limited mobility. Hopefully my husband and daughter can help me crack it.

Now I’m working on a soft and cuddly blanket for a soon to be born boy. There are a lot of boys about to be born in my little bit of the universe. There isn’t a pattern for this – just 94 stitches cast on with five garter stitches on each side and a 3×3 basketweave. I’m knitting until I run out of yarn. I’ve spent days in bed staring at my yarn stash and am looking forward to knitting it down. I have plans of filling suitcases with European yarn while we’re in Germany.

I’m over on Instagram a lot – Facebook less so since the 2016 elections. And, of course, Ravelry and Goodreads. My name on those spots is knittingnutmeg.

Have a lovely week, all!

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