I checked the calendar and it has been nearly a month since I broke my ankle. And it’s been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. Now that I’m back at school, I’m trying to push myself out of bed more often. During the school week, so far, I’ve been so worn out that I hobble back to bed but last Friday I went upstairs and stayed there until Sunday night. Greyson wanted to sleep in and I figured he’d be better off with me upstairs where I could easily make coffee for myself rather than relying on him (or Maia) to be awake.  I slept in Addison’s bed and got one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in at least three weeks so I suppose that was a good idea.

Greyson and I decided to catch up on House of Cards while Maia went to the mall with a friend. (How surreal is that show right now!?!) Sitting on the sofa watching TV was the perfect spot for me to cast on the second of my rainbow vanilla socks (still loving the Susan B Anderson sock method).

The knee walker I’m using at school is a huge help at home for self-sufficiency. It has a basket on it to stow things (like my travel coffee mug) so I can move around easily. I settled myself on the couch with the family and kept on knitting and catching up on vlogs on YouTube.  It’s kind of like being at knitting group.

I also got surprised by a mystery box of yarn. Greyson thought I’d order “more yarn.” I was pretty sure I didn’t order a box of yarn, no matter how much medication I’ve been on. But after a little detective work, we found that friends had ordered it as a get well gift ~ yarn mail is the best mail!

So after a second evening of House of Cards, Sunday meant a turned heel and gusset stitches, a movie at the theater, and dinner out. Kind of a lot thrown into one day for me, but it was so good to get out of the house!

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