Winding Down 2017

Somehow we’ve created a tradition of Christmas puzzles – click on the image to find it

Can it be that 2017 is nearly over? It’s been quite the year for our family – my daughter made it to her teenage years, my son left for his sophomore year of high school in Germany, I had a nasty ankle break and surgery, we sold our house in a week (!), and are living in a sea of boxes getting ready to move next week.

My daughter rounded out 2017 if a host of awards from school. She works very hard in school and it shows – honors with distinction. When our small Catholic school closed two years ago, I worried how she would do in public school but she is blossoming.

Of course there has been ample knitting time. I didn’t quite get these socks finished in time for Christmas morning but I should have them done and in the hands of their recipient before we move. I hope.

This was truly the Christmas that created itself and I suppose that was a good thing for all of us with one person glaringly absent. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at a local restaurant where it seems a good deal of our neighbors had the same idea.

Santa arrived in time to deliver Christmas pajamas and we watched the very Christmasy movie – IT. We completely forgot to read A Visit from Saint Nicholas, as well, but we kept the tradition of waking up at the crack of dawn. I saw so many posts in Instagram of people waiting for their teenagers to wake up. We had no waiting except for Dad.

I would share the many, many boxes currently inhabiting my home but I think I will wait to show you the boxes waiting to be unpacked in the new house, instead.

Stay tuned…

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