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Déjà Vu

According to my Facebook feed, my former Catholic school was closed one year and 364 days before my current school was closed. Hmmm…am I bad luck? It’s been a quiet and mopey weekend for me while my husband and daughter are in Virginia. I’m not really in the mood for another week of school but here it is. Lesson plans are done so let’s focus on some more positive things, shall we?

I finished my mother’s Christmas socks. Really it’s sad that they took so long but I’m blaming moving right after Christmas. I used my go-to sock pattern: Susan B Anderson’s How I Make My Socks. I pondered, while knitting these, that maybe it was time to come up with my own pattern. They are just vanilla socks, after all, and since I usually alter the pattern in some way I might as well give my own pattern writing a go. Anyway, these were knit on US 1 needles using Kroy sock yarn.

I picked up Maia’s Coastal Pullover and spent some lovely time just knitting and watching knitting vlogs. The fact that no one is here meant no one complained about knitting shows. I do love this sweater but why on earth did I decide to knit an entire sweater of cables?!?

Aside from knitting, naps, and pity parties, I finally made it to see The Greatest Showman. It was just as wonderful as my children both told me it was. I was also double thrilled to learn that our local cinema had finished renovations and seats were now amazing recliners! Ah, such a feeling of pampering.

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  • karen

    lots of catholic schools are closing, I don’t think it was because of you ha ha! Cables are beautiful but they are definitely slow going. The sweater is beautiful!!

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