Knitting,  Weekend


Maybe it ought to be week starting? It’s been a busy one in these parts with “just one more house project.”

Our very tan dining room got a shot of color when we relocated the living room rug. There is still a LOT of tan but it’s gett better.

We got a new table in the entry way. Hopefully it stays this uncluttered.  I won’t bet money on that.

A nice quiet evening knitting and watching the Olympics was in order. We then moved to watching the original Amityville Horror. I giggled through all of it while Greyson reminisced about how terrified he was watching this as a kid.

Sunday was painting day. We got rid of the turquoise accent wall in the guest room in favor of a beige pink and the upstairs bathroom was redone with pine green as agreed upon during a brother-sister WhatsApp conversation. Any I am not painting anything else in this house.

Now I’m eyeing Maia’s sweater and thinking that seems much more fun than lessons plans tonight. How was your weekend?

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