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This is a post that took THREE days. If I’m going to resurrect this sad blog I need to work on efficiency. Thank goodness for snow days, I suppose. I’ve been sitting here watching CNN so talking make-up is a pleasant diversion.

I thought I’d join in on the fun and take part in TBB Asks at The Blended Beauty. I’m not a big beauty product user but I have started thinking more and more about it. Maybe I’ve finally hit that age? Anyway, I can always use some new recommendations – send them my way if you’ve got them!

Eyelash Curler – yes or no?

Almost never. My daughter is the big fan of eyelash curlers. I have the generic one from the grocery store. When I remember to use it, it works just find.

Favorite Nail Shade

I have two, actually. I generally get the gel manicures because I’m a chippy disaster otherwise. So my favorite color depends on the length of my nails.

Mod About You for shorter nailsBig Apple Red for longer nails

Favorite Lipstick Shade

Does chapstick count? Later in this post? Ok. Well, my current choice is by Clinique. It’s the Nude Pop Lipstick and Primer.

Blow Dry or Air Dry?

Air Dry 99% of the time unless I’m going out. My hairdryer has disappeared into the recesses of my teenage daughter’s bathroom. I may need to think about getting a new one and up my hairstyling game.

Artificial Nails: Yes or No?My daughter loves her artificial nails – especially if they sparkle. I’m not a fan. It may be finding plastic nails all over the car and in the laundry. I know you can get nice artificial nails at a salon but…nope. Not for me.

Foundation: Yes or No?

Yes! I used to love my CC Cream from Supergoop! and will probably go right back to it when I’m out in the sun often. Right now I’m using Almay and it’s just fine.

Hair Up or Down?

Up. It’s at an in-between length and I’m trying to grow it out. Any tips for that? It seems like it is taking an eternity to grow.

Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Regular old Ivory Soap. My husband is a loyal Ivory soap user. I do occasionally but some body wash, especially for dry winter skin, but I still reach for the bar 8 out of 10 times.

Bath or Shower?

Shower, for sure. We splurged on an aromatherapy showerhead while we were in Chatham after oohing and aahing over it for a couple of years. I love it!

Favorite Body Lotion

About a year ago, I signed up for VIP Membership at Grove Collaborative – it’s amazing and you could check it out.  My last order included a body lotion that I adore. It smells wonderful and leaves skin feeling silky and moist.

Do You Wear Perfume? What is your favorite scent?

Absolutely! I love perfume and think longingly on the days in high school when my mother and grandmother indulged that love affair. These days I am much more restrained. My daily scent is Lily of the Valley by Crabtree & Evelyn. I used to wear Lily of the Valley by Taylor of London. It looks like Crabtree & Evelyn no longer makes the Lily of the Valley. Too bad.

My new love is Emelia by Tocca. It came in a BirchBox last year, I think, and I’m planning on making a switch to that as my daily scent.

Do you shave your legs everyday? 

Erm, summer yes. Currently with physical therapy for my ankle – more often than I ordinarily would have during the winter. 😉

Favorite Lip Balm?

Another Grove Collaborative find. It’s minty but not too minty, and super hydrating. And it lasts longer than any other lip balms I have tried, although Burt’s Bees comes pretty close.

How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?

Well, I think I am probably going to be pretty old with this one. I went to private school and even clear nailpolish was a no-no. So I didn’t really start wearing make-up until I was probably 15 or 16. I do vividly remember being taken to Garfinckel’s in Washington, DC, so the ladies at Lancôme could show me what to use and how to use it. Foundation was a definite “no” as far as my mother was concerned but I do recall coming home with powers and creams galore. It was also my first foray into quality skincare with the Erno Laszlo “clocks” which I still think it some of the best skincare.

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