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Well, living room might be a tad off as far as descriptions go. It’s really more of a reading room, piano room, soon to be DAR room. A friend from school had a brilliant idea I  borrowed to turn her living room into a reading room and it was the perfect solution for this space that was quickly becoming the staging area for the rest of the house. It’s far from perfect but it’s much, much better than it was.

This room is fairly small so too much furniture was definitely going to overcrowd the space. As usual, Grey and I were not in agreement on what furniture to get, either. What was surprising is that we both gravitated to these chairs independent of one another. It was too much of a coincidence to ignore. The lamps on the table are antiques from Italy. They were once in our bedroom but the size was all wrong for bedside lamps. The table itself was inherited by my mother by way of my grandparents. Seems they took possession of the table when we moved overseas and just kept it. My mother got it back after my grandmother’s death in 2001. It opens to a table for four and I assumed that we could always use more seating space.

We inherited a piano from the previous owners and, while I wish it was in a different wood, I am thrilled to have it. One things evident in these photos is that we need more art. Our walls are enormous! And a new rug since the one here is from the office and much too small.

The front of the room looks out onto the road and is likely to be changed sooner rather than later.  I was recently made registrar of the DAR chapter and jumped right into membership applications. I’m thinking I may need a little writing desk to have a space to work. I haven’t broken that bit of news to my husband, yet.

Lastly, my Wedgewood and other porcelain pieces finally have a home. A friend who runs estate sales had the perfect piece in his shop. Possibly, I could have used two more but I still have some room for larger books on the bottom shelves.

So that’s it. I have several more rooms in progress so stay tuned.


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