Wednesday WIP

For ten years I have been a fairly monogamous knitter. One project on the go at a time is more than enough, thank you very much.  So when I found myself with three projects on the needs (a cable sweater for Maia, a pair of socks for me, and a baby sweater), I really began to dislike knitting. Really. I felt guilt about basically all of the projects but the socks. Maia’s sweater was finished and it gorgeous, baby sweaters are tricky little devils so we’ll be starting a toddler sweater in short order, and socks are just terribly undemanding knitting projects.

Will O’the Wisp socks

And those socks are my current WIP. I have knit a few rows here and there, without any real motivation to finish the dreaded second sock. But that second sock has a heel and gussets, and is roughly 25 rows from the toe decreases begin. Phew!

Will O’the Wisp socks

Pattern: Will O’ the Wisp socks (Ravelry pattern here)

Yarn: A Homespun House in Christmas at Hogwarts

Needles: ChiaoGoo US1 Circulars for magic loop

Project Bag: Bertie and Poppet on Etsy

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