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Weekending – First Weekend of Fall

You, guys, I am beyond thrilled that it is finally fall. Summer is all well and good (I am a teacher, after all) but enough with the hot weather and air conditioning. I’m sitting on my sofa right now with the windows open and a wool blanket on my lap – heaven!

This weekend was one of the busiest of the year and I’m just now sitting down for a break. Friday kicked off with Model UN for the kids and my rushing home to get them. Followed by a whirlwind trip home for a band uniform and back to school. Our home game on Friday night, though, was a win for our school. It doesn’t happen on a regular basis so it was great to seeĀ  a win. And a certain freshman let me take a photo of her in her band uniform.

Saturday, all day, was Oktoberfest and both of my kids were volunteering along with my husband. I stopped in a few times, but did stay for a longer while in the evening. The weather was perfect! I even had a beer, or two, so I’m good until next year. (Not a beer drinker here.)

And today was another busy one. After a band fundraiser we headed up to Springfield, MA, for The Big E. We have never been! It was very big, very crowded, and not quite what we’d expected but fun, nonetheless. Next weekend is a much smaller but much closer fair.

I should really be working on lesson plans but I think I’d much prefer to finish my shawl. I think the shawl needs to be finished and then I’ll tackle to last of my lesson plans. Have a lovely week!

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