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Yarn Along :: March 20, 2019

I’ve missed Yarn Alongs and, considering the high stress levels of work at the moment, I need to focus on something relaxing. How many times can I dust off this old blog?

My daughter brought this home at the beginning of the year. It was a text for her freshman World History class. I read a few pages before she took it back for schoolwork and I was hooked.  I often think I should have majored in History rather than English.  At any rate, medieval history and literature are my favorite of either so this book sucked me right in. It is a weighty book, though, so I am somewhat patiently waiting for an inter-library loan to arrive so I can take a break for some lighter reading.

I haven’t done a huge amount of knitting lately. I did cast-on for the Amrum sweater and knit the collar, but I seem to have chickened out at the German Short Rows so that is waiting for the weekend and a little calmer head. So it’s off to my old standby. I am knitting socks for Maia from the White Birch Fiber Arts yarn we got at Rhinebeck in October. She wanted them long in the leg so they are about eight inches compared to my usual six. They are living in my car for the most part so I can work on them while waiting for softball practice to end or bring them into school if I get a few free minutes (which is rare).

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