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I’m Back to Blogging at Last!

I’m back to blogging! I left my teaching job on Friday. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I left teaching altogether. My heart has not been in it for a few years. Now I’m at home doing…web design, SEO, and content writing so I am hoping to bring back KnittingNutmeg as a blog, and perhaps a little more. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

My string of pearls plant hangs right above my desk. I’ve wanted one for three years.

Now that I have left my teaching job, I have the opportunity to really see what can be done with a WordPress site. I just finished a set of configurations on this old dusty site of mine. Time to see what a published post actually looks like. This may not be the most illuminating piece of writing I have every done but bear with me for a short time.

I worked from home when my children were small (2 1/2 and 4, to be exact) but it was hard to separate work from parenting. Now those little kids are 15 and 17, at school most of the day, and have lives of their own. One is driving, and the youngest will be soon enough.

So this site is my testing ground where I can play with new plug-ins without interfering with professional blogging. But to say I am glad to be back to blogging is an understatement. I have been pondering it for so long but teaching was definitely all-consuming and soul crushing for the last year or so.

And now, let’s see what this new adventure leads. Who’s with me?

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